Coffee Break: Crocheting Baskets

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Take a coffee (or beverage of preference) break!

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About 43,000 African asylum-seekers, mainly from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan, traveled by foot and vehicle many hundreds of miles to reach Israel. They are part of the largest global wave of asylum seekers since World War II. Many of the women are tortured, raped and sold to human traffickers along the way before they escape or are ransomed by family.

When traditional therapy was offered once they reached Israel, they could not respond to the one-on-one format. Then a therapist and a Roman Catholic nun developed a program where female asylum seekers crochet baskets as a group. In their homeland, they had woven baskets from fronds of the doum palm tree, rare in Israel. The experience of crocheting together encourages the women to open up and begin the process of healing. And it also gives them a small source of income.

Click to read the full story on National Public Radio website by Sara Toth Stub.