Are you in the Fiber Arts Directory?

Check out the Fiber Arts Directory!

Are you in the Fiber Directory? Click on the map on the home page in the right-hand corner to go to the directory. If you are in the directory, you can search for your name through all records, or you can go to your region of the state and find your record by search or by scrolling through others in your region. 

The card has basic information, and we are adding pictures and lengthier articles as well. If you have not submitted a picture please do — pictures and videos help sell yourself — as a business, as a teacher, or just as an artist.

Is information about yourself incorrect? Contact us! We'll get it corrected. We are working on a way to allow people to make their own personal corrections; but that portion may take a while.  

Let others know about Wyoming Fiber Trails as well. Fiber arts is an important part of Wyoming — of its history and of its present. We need to let others know of the creativity going on here!

Have a question? Email or call 307-250-4305.