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Discovering Wyoming’s Rich Fiber Heritage

Wyoming Fiber Trails Project is an exciting venture to bring together
diverse communities of people involved in fiber…from raising fiber animals
to fiber production to finished product and includes individual artisans and
artists, guilds, shops, galleries, cultural centers, museums and fiber growers.
Our inspiration is the resounding success of HandMade in America’s
western North Carolina Craft Heritage Trails and the New Mexico Fiber
Arts Trails. The initial goal for the Wyoming Fiber Trails is to create in
Wyoming a set of trails where visitors can travel to discover the people,
places that inspire them and the creative processes that form the cultural
fabric of Wyoming. An online guide to all participants in the Fiber Trails
will be available to assist tourists and fiber enthusiasts to and between sites
via designated trails.
During their journey on the Wyoming Fiber Trails, tourist participants are
exposed to a rural Wyoming that is seldom seen, Indian culture and our
states rich textile history. They visit the homes of our fiber artists and
master craftsmen.
We are reaching out to Wyoming’s Fiber Community to join us in this
adventure and are eager to hear from:
• Fiber growers (sheep, llama, alpaca)
• Fiber producers (mills and fiber processors)
• Artisans and artists working in all forms of fiber-
-wool, leather, hides, fur and plant fibers
-dye and fabric preparation
-knitting, spinning, weaving, quilting, needle arts, sewing, rugmaking
-paper, basketry, collage and recycling arts

Be part of this project!!

Contact us. Help us create the trails in your area.
Sue Blakey, 307-864-3391, ellensb@rtconnect.net